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  • Online booking form.
  • Alphabetical searching of exhibitors.
  • Online archived newsletters.


Stamford is a picturesque Georgian market town a short way north of Peterborough. For the past few years an annual trade fair has been held to encourage business from the area and further afield to communicate with each other and the local people.

Quarella offered to develop a website to both promote the event and provide information to exhibitors.

Original Brief

As is often the case the original brief was vague; the site simply had to raise the profile of the event. However, the Stamford Trade Fair website presented some interesting challenges from a design point of view - mainly due to the rate of change it needed to withstand as the event drew closer. Initially there were only a few exhibitors confirmed, and as the list grew so did the website - yet it needed to remain accessible.

Furthermore, search engine rankings were important to bring visitors to the site. In the weeks leading up to the event, the site was the top result for a search such as "stamford trade" at Google, something which was only possible by ensuring that relevant and informative content was present several months before the event.

Final Website

Following the success of the original site in 2002, the website has now evolved into a new site for 2003; visit it at www.stamfordtradefair.co.uk. Maybe even see you there!


Bruce Irvine, the fair's organiser, did an excellent job in making the fair run smoothly - well done Bruce!

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