Domain Registration

How can I present my site professionally?

Very few companies these days do not have some form of internet presence - even if it is just a free email account. Companies like Freeserve have made it possible to get online at very little cost. This is definately a good thing.

However, as a business you have to ask yourself whether an email address like (or a web address like is the best way to promote yourself.

There is a popular misconception that registering your own domain is either complicated or expensive. In fact, moving to and should cost you only around 10 (payable every two years), and will take no more than 30 minutes of your time to set up. The biggest problem is usually that your preferred choice of domain name is already in use by someone else - a problem that will only get worse the longer you put it off.

Quarella can, and do, offer website hosting and domain registration and transfer as part of a complete internet solutions package. However, for those who prefer the DIY approach, but are scared off by a fear of the unknown, we're providing short guides to domain registeration to get you started:

  • Using We recommend 123-reg for a range of reasons including price, service and ease of use, and regularly use them ourselves. A guide to setting up a domain with them can be found here.
  • Using We no longer recommend using Freeparking (for no particular reason other than prefering 123-reg) but this guide remains here for anyone who is interested.

You can also use our domain name generator to help you find the domain name of your choice, and more importantly it will allow you to see whether the domain you want is available for purchase.