Domain Registration with

Domain registration with is a short, painless process. Just follow these simple steps..

  1. Open the freeparking website. You can do this by clicking here - the site will open in a new window. (It should open up leaving this one on top - you might need to resize some windows to be able to see it.)
  2. Decide which domain you want to register. The choice will depend on which domains have already been used; the quickest way to find out is to enter one or more keywords (eg your company name) into the search boxes as the top of the freeparking website, then hit the Advanced button.
  3. Select the domains you want to purchase. If you are lucky, your search will give you several options - if it gives you none you will have to try searching using different keywords.

    IMPORTANT: By default, freeparking assumes you want to register all matching domains it finds - if this is not the case uncheck any you don't want (clicking on the ticks you don't want will remove them).

    NOTE: The prices vary for different domain names due to the different prices charged by the different domain registrars involved. The cheapest are and

  4. Hit the Register button. This begins the domain registration process.
  5. Register yourself as a user. In order to proceed, freeparking need your name and address details at this point. You will also need to enter a username and password which will allow you to login and make changes to your domain at a later date, or to register new domains.

    The registration process is short - click the "online form" link and enter your details. Don't forget to make a note of your username and password!

  6. Login to freeparking. Use the username and password you just set up.
  7. Complete the Order Form. You will need to enter:
    • Registrant: The company details for ownership of the domain.
      The details you entered earlier are probably OK, but if not use the New Registrant button to add new details.
    • Admin Contact: The details of whoever is responsible for administering the domain.
      Again, you will probably want to use the details you entered earlier; use the New Admin Contact button otherwise.
    • Web Forwarding:
      • If you have no existing website, choose Use Under Construction Page
      • If you have a website already (eg with Freeserve) put its address in the Forwarding URL.
        Important: Put the full URL in, including the "http://" bit - eg
      • You can ignore the Pure IP Forwarding option unless (a) you know what you're doing, or (b) you've been advised to in advance.
    • Email Forwarding: Enter your email address.
      • All email for <anything> will be sent here.
      • This might be your freeserve email address (eg, or Hotmail account.
      • Because the email is forwarded in this way, you will continue to collect your email as you do already. However, you might like to change your email software to use your new email address.
  8. Hit Next> to process the order. Check the details you are presented with look ok, and test the web and email forwarding using the links provided.
  9. Get your credit card ready! Hit Add To Basket> and then Go To Checkout>, then enter your credit card details.
  10. That's it! You will get a thank you page - make a note of the batch number it gives you (this is actually your invoice number). You will shortly get confimration by email.

Domains can take a day or two to process from here. You will get information about this by email after registration. For example, for and domains you can tell that the domain has been registered by checking it at

We hope this short guide proves useful.

Please if you have any problems, or if you think it could be improved.