Portfolio - 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games

Manchester Commonwealth Games - System Overview

System Features:

  • PC redundancy.
  • Fully automated during normal day to day operations.
  • Fully automated during an event.
  • Future events can be programmed into system.


The Quarella team are software engineers first and foremost, and perhaps nothing illustrates this better than our work at the City of Manchester Stadium, one of the venues for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and the new home of Manchester City Football Club.

The stadium has a state-of-the-art lighting system using two PCs to control the lighting throughout the site, from the highly visible floodlamps and decorative tower lighting to the corridor and basement lighting, and Quarella was responsible for writing the software to control the lighting both automatically (for example switching between lighting programs for day, evening and night), during events (where floodlamps need to be brought on in stages up to two hours in advance of, say, a football match) and manually (allowing authorised personnel to control any lamp or block of lamps anywhere in the stadium).

Stadium Website

You can see several images of the stadium - including panoramic views - at the official website for the games at www.commonwealthgames2002.org.uk, and via the Manchester City FC website, www.mancity.com.


Thanks to Clipsal and especially Ian Meikle at enLIGHTen Solutions for their help.


As the stadium develops into the new Manchester City Football Club stadium extensive building work has taken place, and we're back on site this year updating the software to control additional lighting in the new North Stand.