Spam-Proof email address generator

"Spam-Proof" email address JavaScript error

You appear not to have a JavaScript capable browser!

You have reached this page because your browser does not support JavaScript (or you have disabled it), and the email link you clicked on has been designed to combat spam by using JavaScript to display the email address in a form that email address harvesters do not understand.

Unfortunately, the browser you are using does not understand it either.

What should I do now?

First, please understand that your custom is important to site designers who use this service; they use it precisely because unwanted spam is filling their inbox and making it harder for them to find genuine requests for information.

Of-course this is of little comfort to you. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Go back to the site you just came from (use the "back" of your browser), and find an alternative method of contact (such as a telephone number or web form).
  2. Enable JavaScript in your browser (if you have turned it off) or use an alternative browser to visit the site.

We (and the designers of the site you came from) appreciate that this is not ideal, and have only taken this step because we are not expecting visits from users without JavaScript available (in other words we fully expect nobody to read this page).

If you can make contact (such as by the methods above) then the site designers will, of-course, consider making the links more friendly to non-JavaScript browsers.

Further information

The link you have used was created via our spam-proof email generator, which can be found here. This generator allows the user to put an email address onto their website in such a way as to mask it from 'email spiders', these spider trawl the Internet collecting email address from websites and then they are sold/given away to 'spammers'. These spammers then send out thousands of junk emails to these addresses - you have probably experienced this problem yourself.

However, despite the advantages of this system there is a drawback to this method of spam-proofing - and you have just found it. The spam-proofing requires the web browser looking at the site to support JavaScript, and unfortunately your doesn't, that is why you have been directed here.