Spam Hall of Shame

Spam Hall of Shame

Here is a collection of the emails we have been sent via our email address. It is only a selection - we receive too many to put them all here.

NOTE: Please don't send us an email to or you may see it here!

Sarah Williams from Traffic Magnet sent us this email.


I visited WWW.QUARELLA.CO.UK, and noticed that you're not listed on some search engines! I think we can offer you a service which can help you increase traffic and the number of visitors to your website.

I would like to introduce you to We offer a unique technology that will submit your website to over 300,000 search engines and directories every month.


I would love to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Sarah Williams
Sales and Marketing

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Well, thanks for the email Sarah - it was very good of you to take the time to look at our site. If you'd looked more closely you'd have realised that wasn't the best way to contact us.

The email also contained a nice image of our site - well actually the email only contained a link to the image, so that when it was displayed by my email software it had to be taken from their server, no doubt logging the fact that the email they'd used was "valid".

Jane Brooks from Cools Stats sent us this email.


I thought you might be interested in getting in-depth knowledge about your web audience and web traffic patterns in a reliable and cost-effective way.


Best regards
Jane Brooks
CoolStats Support

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Once again thanks for the email, Jane. "Unfortunately" we already run a detailed stats service of our own for our customers that host with us. Once again we see the "it's OK to knowingly annoy someone if you apologise at the same time" approach at the foot of the email.

If you've been receiving similar emails without having requested them, try our Spam-Proof Email Address Generator