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Quarella are located in Fengate Industrial Park to the east of Peterborough (the area is also locally known as "Eastern Industry"). If you know Peterborough this is the area around the Showcase Cinema.

The area is quite easy to find, and although online map services fail to show the area clearly the following links show you the general location from a distance and close up.

The simplest route, not surprisingly, depends on where you are coming from. If you think we've gone into excessive detail in these instructions, all you really need are the bits in bold! If you're coming our way during rush hour ask us about the hotspots to be aware of (although Peterborough is better than most cities at that time of day).

  1. Initial approach

    For most people the simplest approach is to get onto Peterborough's southern ringroad, the A1139, where it joins the A1(M) and A605. If you are coming from the east and prefer the A47 to the A14 see below.

    So, for most people:

    From the North (A1)

    • Follow the A1 heading south, with Peterborough to the east (your left).
    • Leave the A1 onto the A1139 at the junction where the A1(M) motorway starts. The A1139 is the second exit from the roundabout and shortly afterwards joins a second carriage way coming from the A1 northbound to form a dual carriage way heading east along the south side of Peterborough.

    Hint: If you don't know the area at all, the motorway is where the roads get bigger and the signs turn blue...

    From the South (A1)

    • Follow the A1 heading north, on the A1(M) motorway.
    • Leave the A1 onto the A1139 at the junction where the A1(M) motorway ends. The junction is a little confusing and rarely shown properly on a map, but immediately after leaving the motorway the sliproad heads off to the right to go over the top of the motorway avoiding the roundabout - just follow it and you'll be OK. If you end up at the roundabout instead take the 4th exit and you'll be back where you should be.

    From the West (A605)

    • Where the A605 meets the A1 carry straight on onto the A1139 (this is the third exit from the roundabout, signposted to Peterborough), crossing the A1.

    Hint: The A605 is a shortcut from the A14 (the A1-M1 link road) to the A1. Most approaches from the west will (or should!) use the A14.
    If you prefer to stay on the A14 until it reaches the A1 you can then approach Peterborough from the South (A1) as above. If you do this, then when you return home note that the A14 eastbound leaves the A1(M) a few miles before the A14 westbound exit (which is the first exit after the motorway ends). This is badly signposted and we have known people intending to head west finding themselves heading east by mistake. We even know of one person destined for Birmingham who managed to get to Ipswich before realising! So eastbound take the first A14 exit you see, westbound wait until after the motorway ends.

  2. Finding Fengate

    • Once on the A1139 follow the road around the south of Peterborough, passing a giant blue Ikea distribution centre on your left and then heading up the eastern side of Peterborough, crossing a railway line and the river Nene.
    • Leave the A1139 at junction 5, heading right (third exit) into Fengate.

  3. Finding Quarella

    • After leaving the roundabout on the A1139 you will pass a Pizza Hut and Q8 garage on your left.
    • Take the first right onto Padholme Road East, taking you between Homebase on your right and McDonalds on your left.
    • Pass another petrol station on your left and Wayland Timber on your right, then turn right into Belgic Square. Find somewhere to park (there are no allocated spaces but there's usually no problem finding space).
    • We are in unit 6a in the centre of the square.

From the East (A47)

If you decide to approach from the east via the A47:

  • Follow the A47 approaching Peterborough to its north.
  • Pass the householder recycling facility (ie the council tip) on your left
  • At the roundabout take a left (heading south) onto the parkway.
  • At the next roundabout take a right onto the A1139.
  • Pass a small junction (signposted Perkins Engines) and leave at the next exit (junction 5).
  • Take the first left into Fengate and continue to our office as "Finding Quarella" (step 3 above)